How To Get Limousine Specials And Extras For Free

hummer limousine interior

There is nothing wrong to be said with trying to get a discount or trying to get some specials when you’re trying to hire a service. Have you ever been to the store and put something back because you wanted it to be cheaper or you didn’t have a coupon for it? Or have you ever been at the receiving end of one of those checkout counters where people come up and haggle you over a 30 cent price difference? People want the best value for their money and then you have people in this world who are just incredibly finicky or cheap. You can’t really change those people but what about limousine services?

Surely, there has to be a way to get the best deal for your money possible out of the limousine companies? How do you get those deals that you need so that you can afford a little extra luxury without the cost of luxury? Well first, let’s assess our needs for a moment. First, ask yourself how many people are in need of transportation for your group. How many people are going to be returning via the same method of transportation? You need to figure out how many vehicles you’re going to need to hire. You’re going to need to figure out just how many vehicles will be needed throughout the entire night before proceeding.

Now, let’s go over a couple of keywords you can mention to trigger some discounts and get companies to start bending over backwards for you. This is because when they hear these keywords, they want to keep the customer and they don’t want to lose you as one. Believe me, they panic and freak out when you mention these keywords. They want and need your business. They’re not going to go down without a fight if they think you can just easily go to someone else and they’re not just going to let you walk away without mentioning every possible deal that they have.

The first keyword is weddings. All you have to do is mention that it’s for a wedding and there you go. You’ve now learned the magic of freaking out a company because of competitor competition over a single keyword. Why is this keyword so important? Do you know how popular limousines are during weddings? A lot of parties utilize them, especially if they have to travel to the wedding destination and a lot of people want to use them after the wedding as a celebration. The problem is, every company knows this and wants your business. So you have to make a tough decision when hiring one.

The last keyword is proms. Prom nights are notorious for limousines, even more so than weddings. For this reason, if you mention this word, you’ll start getting discounts and specials thrown at you. Being a regular customer could help but nothing helps like mentioning prom nights. Prom nights are the most busy night of the month for limousine companies so take advantage of it.

Kevin Green