The Benefits And Uses Of Airport Taxis Or Limousines

airport taxis

So, when you’ve just landed from your big trip and you’re ready to lay down, relax and enjoy the quiet, what do you do to get to your hotel? Do you just pull out a map and trek your way through some city you don’t know? Do you call a taxi or do you call a limousine? It’s definitely not hard to find transportation once you get to an airport. Believe me, all of those people and companies know that there’s a large number of people that hang around airports every single day and they need a way to get to their hotel.

Not only that, but hotels have the same problem. These taxis and transportation services will hang around the front of the hotels because people need to get to the airport or to somewhere important such as a business meeting. Should you use a taxi service or call Uber? Uber is one of those things that kind of came out of nowhere. No one expected Uber and all of a sudden, it seems like taxis are hurting now for business because of it.

However, don’t let this push you towards Ubers because this can actually be a very good thing for you. Do you know what a limousine’s company worse nightmare is? Well, not only limousines but a taxi company? Hearing a client say that they’ll just get an Uber instead so they don’t have to deal with the wait or the high prices. I guarantee, that company is going to start bending over backwards and they’re going to make sure that they get you someone there. They don’t want to lose that business and they want you to wait on them.

Mentioning Uber is a brilliant plan to get discounts and to get some cheap service. You’ve not only been persuaded away from Uber but you’re utilizing them and putting a little money in their bank. So there you are at the airport, you have a million taxis in front of you and airport shuttles all hoping for your business. Which one do you pick? Well from experience, it really depends on where you’re going.

If you’re just simply going to a nearby hotel, then take an airport shuttle. Sometimes these are busses or just shuttles provided free of charge by the airport. They will take you to your destination and depending on the hotel, some of them even offer free service like shuttle back to the airport. I’ve experienced this first hand when an airline messed up my flight, I missed it and they gave me a free night at some resort. Can’t really complain too much, it was free.

So for going to events or if you’re meeting up with other people, you want to make an impression so make sure you take a limousine. It’ll take longer to get there and cost more but first impressions are everything. If you want to just go to somewhere in town, then you’ll want to take a taxi.

Kevin Green